"The ecstatically romantic story of Madi Ju and Patrick Tsai (Pat Pat) tells you everything you need to know about the inspiration behind their gleeful photography. Taiwanese-American Pat Pat was raised in California and schooled in New York. Jolted by the Iraq War, he packed up and moved to Taipei to seriously pursue photography. Three years later, he met Madi, who lived in China, on the internet. They rendezvoused in Hong Kong, fell in love, quit their jobs and struck out on a pan-Asian adventure together. With the mountain of photos produced during the trip, they settled in Guangzhou, a provincial capital in southern China, and started a studio together called My Little Dead Dick. They recently returned from Tibet and Nepal (a trip that Pat Pat says was just "for fun," as if everything that preceded was anything but), and they're now preparing to move to a small town by the sea. "That's where I'm going tomorrow," says Pat Pat. "We will look for a new apartment there."

These photographs make me want to flee — not flee anything in particular, but simply flee for the pure elation that comes from irresponsibly picking up and leaving. Because what starts as irresponsibility so often turns into opportunity, and sometimes you just need a little nudge to make that leap. This series feels like a good, hard shove."

-- “Wanderlust” by Will Doig for Nerve.com
February 2007

"A fleeting collaboration of a rare intensity... Combining spontaneity with a genuine thirst for life, the photos of My Little Dead Dick revisit, not without humour, the legacy of Walker Evans or Nan Goldin. Irreverent, at times absurd, My Little Dead Dick brings a breath of fresh air to documentary photography..."

- Palais de Tokyo


The My little Dead Dick photo diary lasted from the summer of 2006 to the summer of 2007 - exactly one year from the first day they met. Patrick Tsai and Madi Ju continued working and living together until their break-up which happened on the same day as the big earthquake in Western China in the summer of 2008.


2.Life in Guanzhou


4.Xiamen Days

5.Winter/Love Letter

6.Earth Spring

7.Last Days of Summer